I have no idea what I’m doing

“Did you fart?” my sister asks me in a half sleeping stupor. “No,” I reply. We are tucked into our queen bed together at my parent’s house and I honestly did not fart. If I did in fact Dutch-oven her, I would have promptly admitted it. Its 1:30am and time to put away my laptop, but I am compelled to start typing. This is my graceless attempt to start a blog as a New Year’s resolution.

What shall I write about? I am full of ideas. My brain is tremendously gifted at inspiring me and wrecking me simultaneously.

I wear many hats throughout the day (daughter, sister, friend, mentor, co-worker, nurse, patient, consumer, provider), so I am not just one thing, nor am I particularly skilled at just one thing. I am not a master of anything, other than being myself.

I yearn for the satisfaction of completing a challenge, just like running a 10k or cleaning out my bedroom closet. I intend for this blog to be a challenge, inspiration, and perhaps even a catalyst for self-discovery. Moreover, I want the experience of sharing my human escapades (wearing every hat): this will be the chronicles of my very unglamorous, extra ordinary life.


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