I am an operating room nurse and a sober member of a 12-step program.

These two worlds I live in are both rich and challenging. OR nursing is a fast-paced, science-heavy, results-based business. Recovery is a slow, progress-not-perfection, spiritually-based program. Being in recovery for over 9 years and an OR nurse for a year and a half, no one I know shares this particular duality.

I aim to bring the principles of recovery to work with me everyday: patience, courage, humility, honesty, open-mindedness, tolerance, kindness, surrender, living in the present. As you can imagine, it is not easy, but like the nature of my job, this provides me with many challenges and often rewards.

The title of this blog Extraordinary Life of RN is meant to encompass both worlds. Extraordinary can be the nature of my work and life, but also just ordinary – extra, extra ordinary. I am not unique. I am just a human being doing my best. RN stands for the obvious, since I am a nurse, but it also stands for “right now.” I am always aiming to be more present. Sometimes a single moment can change everything: a suture come loose, an incision too deep, too big an anesthetic dose, a single sip of alcohol.

So my intention for this blog is to: 1. meet a New Year’s resolution; 2. provide me with an opportunity to bridge the two big worlds I live in; and 3. maybe connect with others out there who think or feel the same way.